EYFS Trackers Trackers for the EYFS

The easy way of observing and recording children's progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage


The new EYFS Framework will come into force in September. Make sure you are ready for the changes. Our new version of Trackers will help you observe and record children's progress throughout the five years of the EYFS.

What is Trackers?

Trackers is a book (72 pages) covering all the Areas of Learning and Development Matters statements in the EYFS. You have one book per child. In it, you record your observations and assessment of progress and plan the next steps in the child's learning. Alongside each Development Matters statements there are examples and prompts to help you.

It is ideal for sharing information with parents as well.


How does this version of Trackers compare with previous versions?

  • A familiar format ... it is very similar to our last version of Trackers ... Trackers Plus.

  • Alongside the development matters statements we have added more examples and prompts to help you.

  • More space for your observation and assessment comments, and a box for your progress and planning notes.

  • An EYFS Progress Check for 2 year-olds sheet at the end of the Prime areas of learning.

  • An EYFS Transition report (at 5 years) at the end of the Specific areas of learning.

  • Online examples of completed Progress Check sheets.

  • Downloadable Progress check sheets (in Word format) if you want them separately (you could add your own logo, for example).


EYFS Trackers

Single copies £5.50 each
5-9 copies £5 each
10-19 copies £4 each
20-49 copies £3.75 each
50-99 copies £3.50 each
100+ copies £3.25 each

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